Escorts like to stay fit — it's good for their health and good for business. One Las Vegas escort uses pole dancing as her primary form of exercise.


If you're going to be a Las Vegas escort, you need to be in shape — no one likes a fat escort! Actually, there are a few men who do get turned on by just that, but in general, most men who choose to be with an escort go for the toned, busty ladies. One great way many escorts stay in shape is by pole dancing. One reason for that is that many of us have a background in stripping, so dancing the pole is something we're already familiar with. Another reason is it's just a lot of fun — it's a great workout, but it doesn't seem like work.

Here I'll be talking about the best pole dance moves ever for beginners, and what better way to do it then by learning the basic. Pole dancing is a form of performance art work, and lately it has been accepted as such. It's a form of exercise and not just for strip clubs or night clubs affair. Though this form of dancing requires significant strength and perhaps some pole dancing classes, there are ways to get yourself started by reading some of these beginner techniques for the best moves which I've gathered for your benefit. Here are the basic pole dance moves that you can use to get yourself started.

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Always do stretching before anything else. Before you get yourself hanging with this basic pole dance maneuver, try to tone your muscle to catch up with the upcoming stress points and avoid any muscle cramps in the process. You definitely don't want to experience this in the air. Start with your head, then move the stretching downward.

This pole dance beginner's move simply amounts to a coordination of leg muscle work together with your arms and shoulders as you spin yourself around the pole. While you may think this is simple, a spin has more variations you can adopt. There are the different types of spin that you can learn more easily if you attend to pole dancing classes or train at home. A few of these moves include the front and back hook spin, Martini's spin, stag spin, and Hollywood spin. Get yourself familiar with the burlesque pole with this maneuver. Work first with the front hook spin which is initiated by walking forward around the pole while holding it with your inside arm. Simply hook your inner leg around the pole and bring your outer arm to the pole. You can do other variations with the rest of the spins as you master one move to the other. Keep it up and if you ever feel like becoming an escort you'll be in great shape and ready to please clients!


As with the other types of dancing, pole dancing is more fun and attractive when a performer that not necessarily led to pole dancing classes will try to pause and strike a pose. For poses, you can try the knee bridge, shoulder bridge or full bridge but, if you want to complicate your moves a bit, you can also experiment on the forearm stand or the fang. What makes poses differ for the spin? Poses are more of a stationary step coming out from a more energetic movement. Actually, you can create your own pose branding which you will make your mark as a dancer.

Floor work

Before my career as a Las Vegas escort working with the Vegas Fantasy Babes agency, I did a lot of stripping, and of course a lot of pole dancing. So I know the importance of floor work. Pole dance moves doesn't imply that you will be hanging off the pole the whole time. Dancers usually call this time just off the pole floor work. On that note, floor work is as simple as walking around the pole. Now, it will all depend on how you will make a simple fantastic walk that will leave an impression to the viewers. During this time, you will also have enough time to rest and relax the muscles as you are getting ready to execute a more complicated move.

Slide and Climb

Another important move for this art is the slide. If you've ever been to a Sin City strip club you know this is something all strippers here do. A slide can be executed from the top of the pole or even half way through it. This is one of the crucial moves that any dancer will take since you will be dealing with the gravitational pull as you exemplify your dance move in a fast or even in a slow motion fashion.

Making it on top of the pole is no easy task. You need more leg muscle power and even your upper body push to make it on top in time. You use your ankles to help you push up and your arms to help lift you up the pole as well. Your way to making the best pole dance moves ever is no easy task. However, when equipped with the right knowledge, attitude and skills, everything is possible. It is just a matter of time, as you push yourself to the limit and try to surpass it once in a while.