When it comes to top of the line exotic cars, a few names always appear at the top: Porsche, Lamborghini and Ferrari. Porsche is an interesting case, because while there are models that cost well in excess of $100,000, the very nice Boxster model goes for about $50,000 — and quite a bit less if you're willing to purchase a vehicle that's several years old.


The Porsche Boxster originally emerged on the market in 1996 and is one of the leading choices when it comes to roadsters that handle the road impeccably. The Boxster continues to be an extremely powerful vehicle with great speed and has only experienced minor interior changes and horsepower upgrades through the years. With their popular designs, Porsche usually maintains the same appearance for an extended period of time.

In 2005, Porsche brought out an even more powerful second-generation Boxster which didn't stray from their normal design process. Much like a Porsche Spyder, it still has the dual seats along with six cylinders and a mid-engine that it had in earlier models. The framework and electronics of the brand new Boxster continue to be over 50% borrowed from the 911 Carrera. As a result of the modification of the torque and added horsepower, the 2005 has more power than the 2004 equivalent. The 2005 Boxster S was almost comparable to the expensive Porsche 911 Carrera in acceleration and top-speed performance.

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The Boxster's characteristic trombone sound that happens with its exhaust is not like that of any other vehicle. Since the engine looks like the six-cylinder of the Carrera, only on a smaller scale, this is somewhat surprising. A five-speed manual transmission tends to be customary with the Boxster but may be upgraded to a six-speed if you wish. It can also offer the five-speed Porsche-designed Tiptronic automatic transmission system fitted, which is an excellent option. This is going to be because of the newest phenomena towards an automatic that is manually shifted. This is certainly not an opulent automobile, even when the Boxster has high quality bodywork and interior, there is nothing purely decorative. Still, it's a vehicle you'd love to be driving down the Los Angeles coast in.

The earlier car had been criticized for its cheap look, but the interior has been upgraded some since then. Using a revised gearshift, and paneling with a titanium look, the core console has been improved. The new car has much better seats, with their body-shape and a lot better support. Having two trunks, one in the backside of the car and a larger one underneath the front hood, transporting baggage is a non-issue. The electric convertible top which can easily close and open at speeds up to 30 mph is one of the more enjoyable features of the Boxster. Heated glass makes up the back window and the roof is composed of three layers of sound-muffling padded cloth that will hold up in all sorts of weather.

The six-cylinder engine that rests behind the seats in front of the rear axle, gives the Boxster the name of a mid-engine car. No engine is actually underneath the hood so don't bother hunting for it in that location. To look at the engine, you'll have to lift the car so you can get under it. The terrific point about having the engine near the car's center is better weight distribution. That is why the Porshe Boxster handles so well.

Another Porsche that might appeal to your senses is the Porsche 911 Turbo. However, if you want to be driving down the road in one, you better have a few bucks. About $132,000 is the starting price for the Turbo coupe, where the Cabrio is even more at $144,000. So, it's unlikely that you'll be running out and buying such a high-end vehicle. You could, however, rent one. In big cities like Los Angeles you can find rental agencies that specialize in exotic cars like a Porsche, Ferrari or Lamborghini. Search Exotics LA is one such agency. There you can rent a luxury car for a week or even as little as a single day.

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Black Diamond Exotics Car Rental

For that price, it'll give you outstanding luxury while driving around town. The inside of the Turbo happens to be leather in all places, with extremely comfortable seats, much more so than a raw sports car. Almost everything on the instrument panels are actually legendary with being legible, and there a wide range of modern-day comforts and conveniences. Getting into and outside the car is quite trouble-free. It could possibly also be pointed out for seat and steering wheel modifications. It is shocking that many don't even think a lot of the Porsche Turbo.

Even though it could get some respect in certain circles, most people don't even notice. It's possible that they have no clue, that right alongside them is one of the most potent road cars ever seen in this world. This amazing car has a powerful 500 horsepower 3.8-liter twin turbo engine and weighs a tad over 3,500 making it the fastest all-wheel drive Porsche has ever developed. It will blaze 0-60 in just 3.2 seconds and has a top speed of 194 mph, mirroring the likes of Lamborghini and Ferrari. This car not only provides impressive acceleration and speed but it performs amazing cornering. For just about any car which has a rear engine, the attitude of the cornering is surprisingly neutral.

So much so, that you will hardly have any idea where the engine is. You've got a sturdy feel from the steering even though it is an all-wheel drive. The brakes have incredibly precise responsiveness and are modulated quite easily. You can read more about exotic foreign cars at our article on this post. Although transmission is quite precise, you might need to leave the car in automatic instead of manual. It is possible to go to full race mode and have an exhilarating drive by simply pressing the sport plus button. 7000 rpm is what the engine is wonderful for, which is almost certainly more than you are ready for.